He Loves Me, I Love Me Not

I think at times we all have this ideological bias on what marriage is supposed to look like; what your partner is supposed to act like and how life as a unit is supposed to go. Man, throw that shit out the window because ain’t none of it right. In a few weeks, my husbandContinue reading “He Loves Me, I Love Me Not”

Loyalty and Betrayal

While I’ve been home with the kids during quarantine, it has really given me the opportunity to reconnect with them. I’ve missed so much time chasing ‘the bag’ that I have been missing getting to know them. I’m in awe of the little people they’re becoming and their ever-evolving quirks and personality traits that sometimesContinue reading “Loyalty and Betrayal”

So Anxious, But Not Like Ginuwine

Anxiety overload! I’ve worked in corporate America for 15 years+ in various retail banking roles. Pretty much, when you walk in your local branch and see someone who works there, that has been me at some point or another. I’ve been a teller all the way up to a Branch Manager, my current position. ThisContinue reading “So Anxious, But Not Like Ginuwine”

Like Nike, Just Do It, When You’re Ready

You ever wonder why you can’t seem to get motivated about something? You’ve planned out the idea, mapped out exactly what you need and by the time it’s actually ready to start, you’ve lost all desire? No? Well, that’s the life of someone living with anxiety. For the longest time I’ve followed so many fitnessContinue reading “Like Nike, Just Do It, When You’re Ready”

Pep In My Step

Yesterday, a childhood friend made a comment regarding my #selfcare journey. For my own accountability, I post pictures daily after my walks and healthier foods that I’ve found that don’t taste like ass or tree bark. Oc said to me that I need to keep going because I never know who I could be inspiring.Continue reading “Pep In My Step”

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Generational cycles are really a thing. No matter your race or ethnic background, every person who has had some aspects of their childhood that they’d rather forget, has at least said, “When I have kids I’m going to do it this way!” So seriously, how’s that working out for you? I was raised by myContinue reading “Monkey See, Monkey Do”

I’d Rather Be Fat…Okay, Not Really

I took a little break from writing to focus on another project I’m starting while quarantining: my weight. Ugh. That ‘oh so touchy’ subject that no one wants to talk about but EVERYONE has an opinion about. From as far back as I can remember, I’ve been overweight. Genetics, poor eating habits, environment and myContinue reading “I’d Rather Be Fat…Okay, Not Really”

Acts of Love

Protect your children at all costs, right? How many people are willing to truly make that sacrifice for their children? Mothers? Everyday. Fathers? Depends on who you ask. I’ll just leave that thought there. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for my kids. Three years ago, my husband and I made were faced withContinue reading “Acts of Love”

Black Lives Matter

It’s so hard to concentrate as of late. It’s like every time I want to sit down and spend time writing, I’m pulled in a million directions. I wear way too many damn hats. And it’s my fault really. Whatever. We are here now. While I was working I’d fallen into this routine of turningContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”